Our Testimonials

Hi Kim

Just thought I’d drop you a note to report on my progress since we last spoke.

The news is really good. I’ve gone from permanent pain to just one migraine and less headachy days in the last 3-4 weeks. My energy levels are rising steadily too. I even vacuumed and dusted furniture yesterday. I’ve been getting a cleaner for quite a while as I never had energy for any housework. The change is really quite dramatic! Medication wise, I have one month to go and then I’m off all meds. The hot flushes are a wonder to behold but managing them and definitely better than headaches.

A million thanks again for your help in achieving this miracle.

Margaret xx
South Dublin

I’ve never felt better and it’s all thanks to Kim Douglas. I went to see her because I wanted to lose a few pounds and although I felt I had a fairly healthy diet, I just couldn’t seem to shift those pounds. I also didn’t have much energy and generally felt a bit under the weather. Kim gave me the overhaul I needed without the use of drugs or expensive slimming tablets. Not only am I sleeping better & have more energy than I know what to do with, but I’ve lost a stone, and my psoriasis has all but disappeared!

I’ve always enjoyed food with a passion, and that hasn’t changed, only now I’m doing it without some of the unnecessary foods that were causing my problems, and didn’t really have any nutritional value in the first place. In addition to all that, I now have a folder full of new recipe ideas (provided by Kim), most of which are really quick and easy to make. I feel I understand what my body needs a lot better than I did before. Kim has a really caring attitude and explained everything in a way that has helped me to understand how to help myself, and she’s always at the end of the phone to answer any questions. I’ve never been a fan of fad diets because the results only ever seem to be short term, so this was the perfect solution for me.

Thanks Kim!

Laura Kelly

Hi Kim

I never read testimonials on any site, mainly because I’m never sure which ones are authentic and which are ‘self-penned’. Therefore I have never written one. However, I thought I’d drop YOU a line for three reasons….

1) My results far outreached my aims, goals and expectations. My goal was not to lose weight, but to become healthier overall.

I was worried about diabetes because of my sugar intake and I wanted to be able to keep playing football into my sixties. (I am fifty now).

Your 6 – 12 week programme (which was not THAT difficult once I got past the first three days) has left me with more energy than I thought was possible to have at my age. I now sleep better than before & my eczema has cleared. Unfortunately, it has not helped me play better!!

2) I lost a lot of weight, which was a really nice side effect to what I was looking for. I was carrying 12 stone around the pitch on my 5’7″frame.

I am now 10 stone 5lbs and more importantly, have been that weight for two months now. Not yo-yoing! Excellent!!!

3) Mentally, I feel a lot more alert and as they say “up for it” whatever that means.

Finally, I’d like to thank you very much again for showing me that, changing WHAT I eat and WHEN I eat is the all important ingredient to leading a fit a healthy lifestyle.

Much appreciated!

North County Dublin

A few months ago I began training for a triathlon that I will be taking part in at the end of August. It made sense to have a look at my diet and I was put in contact with Kim through a colleague of mine. Kim’s advice and guidance through the last 3 months has been fantastic. With her help and through all my extra training, I’ve managed to lose 2 stone in weight, and I’m not finished yet.

Kim’s after care has also been excellent as she is only an e-mail away. I’ve had fun exchanging recipes and learning what I can substitute in to recipes for soups and salads in order to improve my diet. I feel much better in myself, and any cravings I had for those burger kings and McDonald’s have disappeared.



My problems with food intolerance started over 20 years ago. I suffered a lot with indigestion, gas and constipation. I also suffered with duodenal ulcers. I was eventually diagnosed with a dairy allergy 22 years ago. For approx. 12 months I cut out all the foods that irritated me and felt great. Then kids started coming along and life got busy and I started eating with the rest of the family, as it was easier at the time.

Over the years my digestive problems got worse but I just lived with them and my family tolerated them. Whilst I was never a junk food addict or big in to fast foods I was addicted to chocolate. I put on weight and yo yo dieted over the years which is soul destroying and so unhealthy.

Things got so bad last year it had got to the stage I could not go out for a meal as I would have to stay up for hours afterwards, my stomach would be in bits and the indigestion was so bad. I mentioned to Kim the problems I was having, as I knew she worked in the field of nutrition. She listened to me, gave me some material to read and gave me some great advise in understanding the vicious circle I was in. I realized it was not necessarily the food I was eating but what I was eating it with and when. My eyes were opened to a better way of eating.

Since last January I have not eaten white bread and eat very little processed food, I realise the importance of eating a higher % of my food in its natural form. I can go out now for a meal and enjoy it without the after effects. I don’t weigh myself I just know the Charity shop were delighted to see me coming with all the bags of clothes that were too big for me, I was more than happy going shopping for smaller ones. It’s great looking back at photos and seeing the difference. I feel so well and everyone tells me I look well, I look brighter and feel lighter.

Thanks Kim


Hiya Kim,

Sorry its taken me so long to write this testimonial but I’ve just been too busy losing weight and enjoying life again…-}

To all you women out there trying to lose weight this is for you. I have struggled [and I mean struggled] with my weight for years and tried everything to lose weight, all different kinds of diets even body boot- camp but got nowhere…. until KIM…

A friend of mine recommended that I go see Kim, as she knew how hard I’d tried to lose weight and, as I am getting married in January 2011, I needed a miracle. So I met with Kim just over 5 months ago and I can honestly say I’ve never looked or felt better. I’ve lost nearly 2 stone now and its still coming off.

It was hard at the start, very hard some days {well the first 3 days actually} but after that it got easier and for me I felt lighter from day 1, even people in work were commenting on how well I looked so that was such a boost. My hair and skin even looked healthier.

So now 5 months down the road I’m still losing the weight and feeling fantastic, and I don’t consider it a diet anymore its a way of life now…So my dear Kim a huge thank you from my heart…

Love Suzanne

I have been plagued with athlete’s foot for about five years now. Recently, the itchiness got so bad it was waking me up in the middle of the night. My constant scratching opened up the skin even more and the pain got worse. I had used the commercial products from the chemists without success, so I was reluctant to go down that road again.

I went to see Kim and I couldn’t believe that within five days, the itch disappeared completely, the open sore between my two toes started to close up and the discomfort disappeared completely. I am amazed and delighted that finally, after so long, my toes are almost healed. Thank-you.

R Douglas

I never wrote testimonial before but this time I decided to do so as I am massively shocked with myself…. in a very positive way of course. I’m the most stubborn person if it comes to changing anything in my life. I like my routines and feel safe with what I know. My food and lifestyle was not healthy at all. I never really gave much thought to what was landing in my mouth during the day. Most of the time it had to be fast and easy because of busy lifestyle, kids work and college. Unfortunately my children suffered as well as they were eating the same things as me.

I had no energy whatsoever, I was crashing on the sofa in the afternoons like someone plugged me out of the socket, and of course I felt like I’m putting on weight day by day.

After careful examination Kim gave me my do’s and don’ts list, together with directions regarding my diet, and fast and easy recipes for great and really tasty food. I was advised how to substitute my favourite (but very unhealthy) food with healthier options. I gave it a try and 4 weeks later I’m slimmer and I feel great!

My energy levels went up drastically, I feel happier and finally seems like I actually want to do something.

Kim is very caring and helpful and I don’t know how she did it, but she managed to motivate me! I am really grateful to her because she proved that healthier way she taught me is actually easier and faster. Loved her advice and huge knowledge she is sharing with people to help them change!

Thank you Kim x

Agnieszka Ganowska

Hi Kim

Just thought I’d pop you an email to give you some feedback.

Have definitely been experiencing some great results from my new diet. Although I haven’t been a saint every day I have managed to incorporate many of the changes into my daily routine.

My energy levels are up, I haven’t had any horrible bloatedness (except when I eat the wrong foods) and my skin…well it’s unbelievable, it has really started to clear up!

I have had a few bad days where I may not eat the healthiest but even at that I try to practice what you taught me so it’s not a total disaster!

Thank you so much for everything.


Dear Kim,

I think these photographs speak more than my words can ever say!

My little girl has her lovely feet back and it’s all thanks to you. I’m so glad I decided to take the natural route first as I know she would have been put on chemical based products.

Thank you so much!

North Dublin

Dear Kim,

Thank you very much for your health advices due to them i was able to get my
life back. Now I feel 10 years younger and I have much more energy.

Piotr Wroblewski

Dear Kim,

So, here it is! The latest ‘save me’ call that was sent out to the woman that has become a friend, since her first piece of advice worked.

Kim Lee Douglas has fixed/repaired a number of issues with this mans’ aging body over the recent years and when I saw that she recently opened her first shop Natures Cures in Skerries, North County Dublin, I thought this is a good time to tell my ‘tooth story’ to anybody yet to be bored.

I had gone to a local dentist in an emergency. He wasn’t sure what my problem was but prescribed antibiotics as a starting point (which I didn’t take), and I got an appointment for the same afternoon in city centre with my own dentist. He too wrote me a prescription but for a different antibiotic (which I also didn’t take). After a few x-rays he suggested I go immediately to The Northumberland Institute of Dental Medicine in Ballsbridge. They were willing to wait to see me if I could get there before 5.30pm the same day. In tears with the pain I taxied it to D4.

The doctor/dentist and all the staff at the institute were very thorough and polite. They took some more x-rays. Sat me down. We had a chat. . . . .

I had a Dentigerous Cyst – the likes of which they had not seen before. It was huge! I would have to get a wisdom tooth removed, the already protruding tooth would also be lost. Nerve endings would be damaged and I might lose the feeling around my bottom lip. I would also more than likely lose the feeling on part of my tongue and some ability to taste. I would be out of work for at least a week (I’m self employed so that’s a no-no) and it would cost approx €1200+ depending on what other issues/complications they came across. They relieved me of €200 for the 20min consultation – a total of €340 on the day. A good day to be a dentist :-/ As I left I told them I would have a go at fixing the problem through my diet……long pause!….. “Doing nothing is not an option” I was told. “I’m not doing nothing” I said. Raised eyebrows!

That was a dark winters rainy day in November 2013. I walked into town and rang Kim who met me at my house when I got home.

The solution? I can’t remember precisely what herbs, potions, teas, vitamins & supplements that she made up for me, but I do remember I spent three days in bed on juices & smoothies only. For the next 6 days I ate only raw food.

I believe that if we all opened our minds just a teeny weeny little bit to the fact that there might just be another road to take apart from the one travelled by doctors & dentists, we could probably hang on to more of our body bits….and more of our wallets. YES! I have been to my dentist since and he is dumbfounded as to what has happened. At his expense, he took some more x-rays. Cyst gone – teeth, gums, tongue & nerve endings all still in tact.

(I am happy to be contacted by anybody through Kim)