NaturesPlus Source Of Life Gold Adult Multivitamin Gummies (60 Capsules)

NaturesPlus Source Of Life Gold Adult Multivitamin Gummies (60 Capsules)


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NaturesPlus Sol Gold Adult Gummies 60 provides high potencies of all essential vitamins and a precisely calibrated, broad profile of minerals

GOLD STANDARD – Our formula is the GOLD STANDARD for whole food based multivitamin supplementation. It provides more energizing, antioxidant, and anti-aging power then ever before, and retains high quality and guaranteed potency

SPECIAL INGREDIENTS – Source of Life GOLD Adult Multivitamin gummies contain Vitamins A B12 C D3 K2, our organic B-complex blend, B12 1000 mcg for exceptional blood support and over 110 fruits and vegetables. It’s gluten-free and comes in three fantastic fruit flavours

COMPLEX FOR YOUR BODY – In addition to the vitamins, we added a complete array of all essential and non-essential amino acids, whole food omega fatty acids, a prebiotic complex, and an enzyme-rich whole food blend

QUALITY MANUFACTURING – Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities maintain continuous adherence to cGMP compliance, superior standards, and are FDA and NSF registered

SERVING – 60 gummies provide 30 servings


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