Higher Nature Red Sterol Complex (90 Capsules)

Higher Nature Red Sterol Complex (90 Capsules)


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If you need support for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels Red Sterol Complex is for you. This unique combination of plant sterols and red yeast rice, a traditional Chinese extract from rice fermented with monascus purpureus, is just the ticket. Plant sterols block the absorption of cholesterol from your diet to help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels, whilst red yeast rice has been used for centuries for its potent health giving properties.

The formula also includes cinnamon bark extract and vitamin E for complete support. Vitamin E helps protects against the oxidation of cholesterol which may be particularly harmful to health. Excessive oxidation may be caused by factors such as stress, smoking and alcohol. Antioxidants such as vitamin E are thought to help combat oxidation in the body.

High cholesterol or raised ‘bad’ LDL and lower ‘good’ HDL levels are markers for cardiovascular health. A healthy cholesterol level is considered to be 5mmol/L or less in healthy adults.

This best-selling formula comes highly rated by many of our customers, and we love hearing their good feedback stories. The Red Sterol Complex is perfect partnered with fish oils which provide EPA and DHA, and Co Enzyme Q10 for comprehensive cardiovascular support.

Cleverly formulated with a two pronged natural approach to benefit you when you need it most. This formula includes naturally fermented red yeast rice, plant sterols, cinnamon and vitamin E. Plant sterols help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

For anyone wishing to support healthy cholesterol levels naturally. We have formulated this product so that it can be used at higher initial dose and then results maintained at a lower maintenance dose.

Targeted support for cholesterol

With red yeast rice – natural fermented extract

Contains 1000mg plant sterols per daily dose including beta sitosterol which contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.

Cinnamon bark extract – rich in polyphenols

Added vitamin E for complete support

May cause temporary and harmless red colouring of the stool

Not to be taken if pregnant or breastfeeding, nor to be taken by children


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