Higher Nature Starflower Oil (90 Capsules)

Higher Nature Starflower Oil (90 Capsules)


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Support hormone levels throughout the month with Starflower Oil, a high strength capsule filled with the essential omega 6 fatty acid. Our Starflower Oil is extracted from borage seeds, which boasts the highest level of naturally-occurring GLA in any plant, a compound which converts to a useful hormone-like substance in the body. With 220mg of high-quality omega 6 per capsule, our high quality Starflower Oil helps maintain healthy hormone balance throughout the month, and particularly around menstruation.

Supports hormonal balance throughout the month and during menstruation

Contains high quality omega 6 sourced from borage seeds

Boasts highest level of naturally occurring GLA from a plant source

Ideal taken alongside True Food® Wise Woman

Our borage oil is free from pyrrolizidine alkaloids


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