Testa Omega-3 Algae Oil DHA + EPA 100% Vegan (60 Softgels)

Testa Omega-3 Algae Oil DHA + EPA 100% Vegan (60 Softgels)


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Testa Omega-3 DHA + EPA algae oil is 100% plant-based.

The microalgae Schizochytrium sp. are cultivated in sterile fermentors under controlled conditions. Uninfluenced by ocean pollution, this oil is free of heavy metals (such as mercury), dioxins and PCBs that are commonly found in fish and fish oils.

This results in a 100% vegetable, highly pure omega-3 supplement. 

One capsule contains 250 mg DHA and 125 mg EPA, which is equal to the recommended daily allowance as prescribed by the World Health Organization. 

This high concentration of essential fatty acids obtained from a pure, vegetable source of omega-3 is very beneficial to the brain, eyes and heart. This does not only make Testa Omega-3 better for the oceans, but also better for you.

Ingredients – 

Testa Omega 3 – Algae Oil: Algae or schizochytrium sp, Sunflower oil, D-alpha tocopherol (only in DHA + EPA capsules) Anti-oxidants (tocopherols, ascorbyl palmitate) Rosemary extract

The vegetarian / vegan softgel capsule is made of: Glycerol, Corn starch, Carrageenan, Acid regulator (sodium carbonate)


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