Irish Botanica Throat Spray (30ml)

Irish Botanica Throat Spray (30ml)


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A blend of lubricating botanical extracts, including marshmallow root, osha root, sage leaf and liquorice, for when your throat needs that extra support.

Winner of Best New Herbal Product Award 2015

Convenient throat spray with marshmallow root, safe, fenugreek & more

Irish Brand

Ethically sourced

Award Winning Irish Botanica Throat Coat is a blend of lubricating extracts for when your throat needs that extra support. It contains botanical extracts to help to soothe your sore throat; the use of mucilaginous herbs help to protect the throat from infection. 

Key botanical ingredients include soothing vegetable glycerine, marshmallow and liquorice as well as sage which has and anti-bacterial effect and osha root which acts as a mild anaesthetic.

Throat Coat is ideal for those who use their voices regularly, e.g. public speakers, singers. What’s more the handy spray bottle is convenient to carry around.

Recommended Use –

3-6 sprays into the mouth, use up to six times daily. 

Ingredients –

Vegetable glycerine; Marshmallow; Sage Leaf; Fenugreek; Liquorice Root; Meadowsweet ; Plantain ; Osha Root; Cinnamon oil


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